Athletics Badge Night

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On a nice evening, get outside to a decent sized park or field and complete the new Athletics (or Athlete plus) badge


Measuring tapes, longer the better, cricket balls, skipping ropes, lane markers/cones, chalk


To gain this badge, Scouts must complete the following:

Demonstrate an appropriate warm-up and warm-down routine using all the main muscle groups. Explain why both routines are important. Examples of suitable warm up activities include: skipping, running on the spot, stretching both arms high above the head and then relaxing down, bending the knees and dropping the head, rolling the head slowly around tensing and relaxing the shoulders.

Discuss the safety rules associated with athletics, particularly throwing and jumping events. Explain the most appropriate clothing to wear

Take part in six events at least one from each section, improving your distance or time over a number of attempts.

Field events
> Take part in one of these throwing activities:
> Throw a tennis or cricket ball, both over arm and under arm, as far you can
> Throw three bean bags into a bucket, increasing the distance each time
> Throw a football-sized ball, using a chest push and overhead throw, as far as you can.

Track events
Take part in two of the following running activities, trying your best:
> Shuttle run 6 X 10m
> 50m skip with a rope
> 50m sprint
> 25m sack race
> 25m egg and spoon race
> 400m run.

Take part in one of the following team activities:
> 4 x 100m relay
> Team assault course
>Assisted blindfold race

Take part in one of the following jumps, going as far or as high as you can:
> Sargent jump
> Standing jump
> High jump
> Long jump

This badge is awarded for participation and putting in your best effort.

Find out and explain to a leader how to further take part in athletics in your local area

Suggested schedule for a pack evening.
> Group warm-up
> Split pack into 4 groups.
> 4 x bases 1 each on clothing, field events, track events and jumping.
> Then all 4 teams come together for the team activity.
>Group Cool-Down & Questions to check understanding.


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