Giant Remembrance Poppy

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Using the Scouts cut out hand prints with the names of people who have serviced in armed conflicts written on the fingers to make a giant poppy to be place on a cenotaph or displayed on a HQ wall as a sign of respect.


Red card, white card, black, red & green marker pens, scissors, whiteboard/flip chart (useful but not essential) pencils and pens.


Before the troop meeting:
Draw out a large picture of poppy on to the white piece of card.
Then colour in the poppy so it makes a good back drop for the red hands later on.

At the troop meeting:
Talk to the group about remembrance day and what it is about. The ask them if they know anyone who has been involved in any wars or who is in the army. As they give you names you can write them up on a whiteboard/flip chart so they can see how many people between them it affects. If you need to you can find some names of people of the internet who have fought in various wars to help bump up there numbers if they get stuck. Once you have talked about this give each Scout a piece of red card and get them to draw and cut round their hand. Along the fingers and thumb of the hand get them to right the names of service men/women they know. Once they have done this then get them to write a word in the palm of their hand to show how they feel about there sacrifice. If you have time to fill you can get them to decorate them as well. When all of the hands are finished, arrange them on the petals of the poppy and stick them down.


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