Christmas cracker gift package

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Toilet-roll-based, cracker-looking, decoration which could be used ‘empty’ as a tree or table decoration or filled with wrapped sweets / small toy / trinket etc. There is no ‘snap’ in this as the cracker cannot really be pulled apart.


Materials (per cracker)

1 used toilet roll inner
1 piece Christmas wrapping paper 25cm x 20cm (cut to size from a roll)
1 piece contrasting / complementary coloured plain paper (14cm x 8cm)
Any sweets, gift or trinket you desire to put inside (or none)
Gold / silver or coloured thread or thin ribbon to tie ends
Could also add a ‘motto’ to put inside or paper hat ! !

To further decorate : - any or all of the following
Old Christmas cards


**** (Assuming the papers are already cut to size – otherwise you will need to add rulers and pencils)



Lay the (25cm x 20cm) wrapping paper on the table with the design side down.
Lay the toilet roll length-wise along the centre of the edge of the 25cm side.
Glue the edge of the paper to the toilet roll.
Roll the toilet roll over the paper.
When you get to the end of the paper use glue to hold it in place.
Gently collect up the wrapping paper on one of the ends protruding over the toilet roll and tie in place with ribbon or thread.
If you are putting anything inside the cracker, do it now.
Gather up and tie the second end.
Gently push the tied ends in a bit towards the centre.
Arrange the paper ends so they are the same diameter as the roll and look neat.
Take the contrasting paper (14cm x 8cm) and glue then wrap around the central part of the cracker.
Decorate with sequins, stickers or pictures cut from old Christmas cards as desired.


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