The Name Game

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VALUES Friendship, Respect

PROGRAMME ZONES Community, Beliefs and Attitudes

DESCRIPTION A getting-to-know-you game, where the Cubs search for a name to match a sheet of characteristics


• Activity sheet (from
• Pencil


Part of 'Get into The Spirit Of Our Sporting Adventure' Bronze

1. Give each Cub a pencil and the sheet of paper with categories that could relate to members of the Pack.
2. Explain that they have to try and get a name for each item by asking different Cubs (or leaders )if they can fill in a space. Some might be easier than others (and you should feel free to amend the sheet according to your Pack).
3. Give the Cubs a set time to complete as much of the sheet possible. There are no right or wrong answers. The idea is to talk to as many different Cubs as possible and find out something about the ones they may not know as well.


  • friendship
  • Name game
  • respect

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