Sharks and Islands

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A fun and active game where the young people must avoid being eaten by the sharks, by finding safe land!




Spread mats and things to climb on around the room,
or make areas on the ground using masking tape: these
are islands. Mark some islands as completely safe and
others that the young people have to move from quickly
otherwise the sharks might still be able to get them.

Think about: This game gives the young people
experience of being targeted by others, finding ways
to stay safe and experience of targeting others.


*Two Cub Scouts start off as sharks

*The rest of the Cub Scouts must cross the ocean
using the islands. Safe islands are designated where
they are completely safe from sharks

*The sharks must try to tag the Cub Scouts whilst
they are crossing from island to island. If a young
person is tagged they automatically become a shark
and must help tag the remaining Cub Scouts

*The game ends once everyone has become a shark
At the end of the game use these questions to start
talking about bullying:

*How did you feel trying to escape from the sharks?

*Sharks, how did you feel hunting your prey?

*What ways did you find to stay safe from the sharks?

*What do the sharks represent when thinking
about bullying?

*Are there places in your life that feel like the safe
islands? (home, Scouts, friend’s house...)



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