Map Symbol Station Game

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Map reading game where they have to match map symbols with their description


Print off attached files and pin to wall
Pen and Pencil for each player/group


Print off the following sheets of paper with symbols / names (note they do not match!).
Pin the up around the room (with the exception of the answers and Map Key).
Depending on experience you can either pin up a number of the Key around the room, print off all the 1:50,000 keys so players have to look up all symbols or not have one available to use at all.

The Game:
Split into groups of around 3 (can be played individually too)
Give a map symbol definition from the list to the group/player to start on a sheet of paper (e.g. Church with Tower)
They first find that map symbol from the papers dotted around the room.
Next to that map symbol is the definition of the next map symbol (e.g. next to the “Church with tower” map symbol is the “Mast” definition).
They then find the next map symbol and write that definition (e.g. “Bus or Coach Station” definition is next to the “Mast” symbol.)
The game continues until they get back to the one they started with (e.g. Church with Tower).
The first one to complete all 25 symbols wins.
Notes: You can start each group/player at any map symbol and this will still work. This will avoid “overcrowding” at one particular point.


  • Game, teamwork
  • map symbols

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