What is a Beaver and its skills

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Read the paragrah of the Beaver story, incorporating a game, of what Beavers do and what their skills are. Choose only 1 paragraph each session
Discuss the meanings of the words used together promoting verbal communication and understanding.


Story with words highlighted in different coloured highlighters for each paragraph
2 sets of large Highlighted words printed out and laminated for discussion of meanings different olour for each paragraph
2/3 sets of small words individual cut out RED,BLU, BLACK


split beavers into two or three groups, RED, BLUE and BLACK.
give each beaver in each group a different word in the same colour.
Result two/three groups each with a set of words corresponding to the paragraph being read.
Start reading when the beavers hear the word they are holding they run to an agreed place and return (1 point for winning beaver)
When the word BEAVER is read out everyone runs to an agreed place and returns.
Add up the points if you wish, but running just keeps beavers focused and paying attention.


  • beaver animal
  • Highlighted
  • story
  • words

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