Grimsdyke Challenge (Seniors and Open ONLY)

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The Grimsdyke Hike (Challenge Weekend)


Equipment Common to all Competitors Additional Equipment for Two-Day Competitors

Group / Unit scarf must be worn
High visibility sash which MUST be worn after 4.00pm
Inner-layer shirt which does not retain sweat
Mid-layer fleece or woolly sweater.
Outer-layer anorak or combined jacket/cagoule.
Waterproofs - jacket and trousers (should be able to put on trousers over boots)
NOTE: waterproofs MUST be good quality as weather can be very bad on this event.
Footwear - hiking boots preferable
Hiking socks – consider thin cotton inner and wool outer.
Trousers - cotton or quick-dry synthetic but not jeans.
Personal first aid kit
Emergency rations - Mars, chocolate, etc.
Torch and spare batteries
Water bottle with one litre minimum water

TEAM Equipment
Plastic map cases - two each per team.
Survival bag – one per team
Rucksack - lined with waterproof plastic bag.
Sleeping bag in plastic bag – must be INSIDE rucksack
Karrimat or similar
Spare clothes - socks, warm top, track suit or pyjama bottoms.
Toothbrush / toiletries
Toilet paper
Small towel
Team Tent(s) split between team
Cooking pan(s) / mess tins
Lightweight food for evening meal, breakfast
Lunch for second day.
Mobile phone – number to be posted at Start

Note: for the second day’s hike you may consider wearing orienteering style kit, but if so, you will have to carry it with you on the first day


Senior Teams

May be a mix of Scouts, Guides, Explorers
All team members must be between 13 yrs and 15 years on the first day of the event
Competing Senior teams must not be accompanied by an adult shadow

Open Teams

May be all Explorers or a mix of Scouts, Guides, Explorers
All team members must be younger than 18 years on the first day of the event
Competing Open teams must not be accompanied by an adult shadow

Non-Competing Teams

No age or team size restrictions
For younger scouts who want to take part for either building experience or navigation skills
There are many routes that can cut the corners off the main competition routes and shorten the distances
Non-competing Junior teams must be accompanied by an adult shadow

Team Sizes

All competing teams must be a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 walkers
Junior teams left with only two members due to other members retiring may continue only at the discretion of the Shadow and Event Controller
Two-person Senior and Open teams may continue if other members need to retire
Single walkers must join another team if acceptable to both parties
The organisers may permit other numbers to continue and /or only after discussion with the Event Controller


Juniors £35 per team
Seniors / Open £45 per team
Includes maps and refreshment on the day
Safety patrol minibuses
Unique Grimsdyke Hike badges for all hikers


It is condition of qualification that teams and individuals are properly equipped.
Teams must carry all their own required kit and provisions (please see separate guide for expected kit)
No kit for teams is to be transported to the campsite
There will no formal kit check but teams may be subject to spot checks.


The following instructions are for walker’s safety and are also rules of the competition:
Teams must stick to the ‘permissive’ footpaths as marked on the event maps – walkers may get lost but must stick to public paths
High-visibility vests must be worn by all walkers after 4.00pm
Except in emergency, any team splitting up without notification of the Event Controller will be disqualified.
No-one is to be left unattended under any circumstances.
All teams must have a mobile phone contact which must be left at HQ on registration.


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