Bike Maintenance

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Understanding how Bikes work and how to look after them.


Bike, repair kits.


Ask if they know why pushing the pedals makes the bike go forward - explain how the chain transfers the movement to make the wheel go round.
Ask for ideas on what they need to do to look after their bike, ie looking after the tyres and keeping it cleaning.
Go though a simple demonstration on how to repair a puncture.

activity idea: puncture challenge!
description: each six given an inner tube with a hole in and asked to use a bowl of water to identify the hole, mark it, dry the tube, then use the repair kit to fix the hole. Leader required per group to support.
materials: bowl of water and puncture repair kit... required: 4 bowls, 4 old inner tubes with hole, 4 puncture repair kits
time: 20 to 30 mins
risks: tbc

New Badge: 'Cyclist Activity Badge',67,776&moduleID=10

"Cyclist Activity Badge

First, do all five of these tasks.

Regularly use a bicycle, which is the right size for you, with a cycle helmet.
Show you can clean and oil a bicycle. Show how to pump up the tyres and mend a puncture.
Explain why you must lock up a bicycle when you leave it unattended.
Make a poster to promote road safety to pedestrians or cyclists.
Talk to your leader or other Cubs about the safety measures you need to take when you cycle in bad weather.
Next, choose one of the two options. Finish all the tasks for the option you choose.

Option 1

Show that you can mount and dismount your bike properly.
Show how to keep your bicycle in a roadworthy condition. Why is it important?
Explain why it’s important to use lights and reflective clothing.
Go for a short ride in a safe place to show an adult that you can ride safely and confidently.

Option 2

Find out about the safety equipment you need for cycling off-road.
Show that you’re able to control your bike over different types of terrain.
Find out where, in your local area, is safe to cycle off-road.
Plan and carry out a five-mile cycle ride off-road."


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