Remembrance Day

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Thinking about what Remembrance Day means to us


Youtube Videos: - Remembrance Day Explained,vid:mJZecZe_c_o,st:0 - Scouts in the War - Videos of the War. - A soldier talks about his experience of war.


Activites can either be run as bases, or done as a troop. (10-15 mins ea.)
1. What is Remembrance Day? Show 'Remembrance Day Explained' to the Scouts. Then discuss what it means, and why it is important to us.
2. What was it like during WW2? Discuss rationing, show 'Videos of the War' and discuss how each Scout felt.
3. How did the Scouts help? Get the troop to come up with ideas of what they could do, if they were alive during WW2. Show them 'Scouts in the War'.
4. Casulties in wars. Empty the bag of sugar out onto a plate, explaining that one grain represents one soul who dies during the war. Get them to show how much represents the soldiers who died during WW2. Once everyone has guessed. Explain that the number of deaths for UK soldiers was around 383500, which is approx. 25 bags of sugar (based on 15.432 grains per gram - taken from
Show the video of 'A soldier talks...'


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