Expedition Planning for novices

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Making the assumption that the scouts know nothing, Explain the process followed by some practice


Route Card, Maps, Compass


Split troop into patrols or groups of 4-7 people
1. choosing a destination. Transport & Camping costs. Support needed.
2. Decide on the purpose. Wildlife survey, survey of different types of gates/style, 'impacts of man'
3. They have to work out how to get there - bus/train/walking/cycling etc. (Route Planning - NAITHSMITH'S RULE) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naismith's_rule
4. They cook for themselves. decide between trangias and open fires.
5. Sort out their menu.
6. Shop for food.
7. Sort out their group and personal kit lists.


  • expediton challenge
  • route plan

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