Christmas Confection

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Swedish No-Bake Chocolates & Fudge - Making neatly packaged sweets to give away as Christmas pressies (if they even get home in one piece!)


Cooking equipment, roll of cellophane, grease-proof paper, ribbons, ingredients.


Split Cubs, Scouts or Explorers into two groups (try to split up friendship groups to get them working together).

One group tackles Fudge, the other the no-bake swedish chocolates. Spend 30 minutes on each base, then swap over. Freeze each batch then portion-up and package in cellophane the next week.

Nigella Fudge Recipe: (Substitute or ignore the pistachios depending on allergies)

Swedish No-Bake 'Chokladbollar':

90 minutes should be all you need to complete each recipe and get cleaned up, you'll need to rally them though!


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