Blind Knights

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A game of coordination, skill and good hearing!!!!!!


Foam lagging (approx 1m long)


Scouts are split into 4 equal teams and each team sent into a corner or side of the hall to stand behind a chair(castle).
Each Scout is numbered and each team is given a blindfold and a sword (foam lagging about 1m long)
Leader shouts out a number and the corresponding Scout must be blindfolded, given their weapon and let loose upon the battlefield.
Other team members shout directions, encouragement for their Knight.
Once within striking range, Scouts try to hit each other.
Once hit that player is out and removes their blindfold, returning to their castle.
Play continues until only 1 knight remains. They are declared the winner and points awarded.
Play then continues with the leader calling the next number.


  • blindfold
  • coordination
  • knights
  • team work

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