Swimming Badge 4

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Attend Swimming Pool and complete Swimming Stage Badge 4




Complete the following:

1 Safety
Know the safety rules and where it is safe to swim locally.

Explain the rules covering swimming for Scouts.

2 Enter pool
Demonstrate a racing dive into at least 1.5 metres of water and straddle jump into at least two meters of water.

3 Short swim
Swim 100 metres in less than four minutes.

4 Tread water
Tread water for five minutes.

5 Water skills
Surface dive into 1.5 metres of water, both head first and feet first and swim at least five metres under water on both occasions.

Enter the water as for unknown depth. Swim ten metres to a floating object and use it to take up and hold the Heat Escape Lessening Posture for five minutes.

6 Distance swim
Swim 800 metres without stopping. you should swim 400m on your front and 400m on your back.

7 Swimming activity
Take part in an organised swimming activity, since gaining your previous swimming badge.


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