Mapping the Minefield

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A problems solving game based on Battleships, using a grid drawn on the floor. Players have to work as a team to plot a succesful course from one side to the other without landing on a mine


Assorted scrap paper, pencils chalk or masking tape.


Instructions: - Mark out either a 6 x 6 grid or a 5 x 5 grid on the floor using chalk or masking tape. If outside, then you can use minetape pegged in with tent pegs.

- Mark out the axes so that each square has a reference (e.g. A3)

- Print out two copies of the attached grid

- Mark the positions of mines on one copy of the grid (keep this secret) ensuring that there is a safe path from one side of the grid to the other. Give the other (blank) copy to the young people to use as a map

- The players enter the playing area one at a time, moving slowly from square to square to cross the minefield, choosing their path carefully

- If they tread on a square that corresponds to a mine on your grid, call out ‘EXPLOSION’ Whenever this happens the other players have to make the appropriate sound effect

- The player who has been ‘exploded’ has to remember their grid reference and tell the next player who can enter it on a blank copy of the grid and take it with them as a map

- They now try to get further than the previous player, but if they are 'exploded' they give the map to the next player and the new grid reference which has to be marked before the game continues

- Carry on until someone safely makes it to the other side or until they find all the mines to produce a safety map


  • coordinates
  • fun
  • sound effects
  • team building activities

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