Survival Wide Game

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A wide game


Paper, pens, torch/headtorch, a large outdoor area such as a common, field etc (can be adapted to inside if the weather turns)


There are 3 bases, manned by a Leader/older Scout/Young Leader. There are symbols on paper for building each item(this could be an actual item if you have the time and space). The three bases/leaders can draw 1 of 3 different symbols in the box provided on the document below.

The three items to build/collect are Shelter: requires 6 poles, 2 pieces of rope and 2 tarps, Fire: 1 box of matches, 2 sets of kindling and 3 sets of wood and Food: one per person- sausages, beans and hot chocolate. The document has instructions and symbols.

Scouts can specify which of the 3 items available at each base they would like, eg the team aiming for all 6 poles first all choose Pole. Each Scout must try to get each symbol signed off at base camp before heading back out for another one, while dodging the Catchers(leaders, explorers etc) - if they get caught before the symbol is signed, the symbol is destroyed(finger poked through the paper/symbol, and the scout must try again. Whichever team collects enough symbols to build each item wins. It may be worth setting a period of time to make each item if you have a particularly limited amount of time.

Note: I used this with Scouts, and didn't use actual items as we have no space suitable for lighting a fire near our hut(also made of wood..)
Running time can be anywhere from 45 minutes onwards, i.e 15 mins per item, or more depending on group size.


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