Yule log

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Decorated chocolate log


swiss roll, icing sugar, kitchen foil, cardboard, butter, sieve, cocoa powder, icing writing tubes of various colours


Start by mixing large quantity of butter icing and cocoa powder to make the covering of the "log"
cover a piece of 8" x 8" cardboard with the kitchen foil to form a base for your log.
Cut a small piece of the swiss roll off at an angle, approx 1.5 inches
place a small amount of icing in two splodges onto the foil and place the log on top (to hold log in place)
place the smaller piece to form a "nobbly branch" effect
gently smooth the butter icing onto the swiss roll, not forgetting the ends
with a fork, go from one end to the other in shallow lines (to make the effect of the bark of a tree)
sprinkle a small amount of icing sugar, through the sieve, onto the log for a snow effect
finish by writing Merry Christmas etc with the coloured icing

could also be decorated with holly and berries etc


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