Christmas Pictionary

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Just like original drawing game but christmas themed!


Playing cards (either home made or shop bought) Pens and Paper. Ideas for items to draw: Christmas tree, Star, Angel, Jesus, Manger, Mary, Joseph, Wise man, Shepard, Baubles, Tinsel, Ornaments, Santa Claus, Reindeer, Wreath, Holly, Mistletoe, Present, Christmas card, Snow, Ribbon, Christingle, Snowman, Elf, Candy cane, Hat and gloves, Ponsietta, Turkey, Cracker, Christmas pudding, Ginger bread house, Advent calendar, Lights


- Split the young people into equal teams.
- One person from each team is chosen to collect the first christmas themed word from the leader and take it back to their teams.
- The young person then has to draw clues relating to that word in order for their team to guess it correctly.
- It is now a race, as soon as the team guesses the correct word, another person from that team comes up to collect the next word from the leader and so on.
- The first team to complete the full list of words is the winning team!



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