Night Navigation

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Night navigation, dropping teams of Explorers in a surprise location within walking distance of the Hut. They must return via a planned route with check points.


Wwarm Clothes, torches, compass, simple maps


(Ensure that all have a warm coat and at least one mobile per group)

In Groups of four: drop off at a surprise location and set off with a simple map of the area (i.e. not an OS map) with North direction drawn on. Draw a pencil line on the map for the route they must go, or just indicate that they must reach checkpoints.

(Be wary of roads, it is bests to use parks and paths to keep the teams away from traffic)

Set up a check point mid way back to the hut or at a difficult junction to check on progress. This can also work by challenging each team to get a photograph of a team member at each checkpoint location.

Use mobiles to check on teams progress.

De-breif on teams performance, stating a positive comment and where necessary room for improvement.

Ensure the teams to not split up!


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