Supermarket Bag Pack

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Fund Raising Bag Pack at your local supermarket.


Collection tins, Promotional banners, Promotional leaflets. See also:,262,264


Turn up, pack bags, raise money

Ask politely each customer if they would like you to pack their bags.
It they do - pack them very carefully in line with the instructions below.
If they do not - so not pack the shopping. Smile and step away from the checkout to give them space.
Do not hassle people for a donation, they will give one if they can or want to.

Packing Skills: (
- Pack all frozen products int he same padded freezer bag or in a cool box.
- Be careful packing fruit and vegetables: they can be fragile and/ or bruise.
- Pack heavy items like potatoes at the bottom of the bag and soft things like stawberries at the top.
- Try to keep all meat and fish in seperate bags from fruit, veg and dairy products to avoid getting blood or other items on raw food.
- Always wash your hands if raw fish or meat juice gets on them.


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