Wolf Island and Find Home/Meeting Place on a Map

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Draw a map using knowledge gained while completing the Map Reader badge and find your home and meeting place on a map


* Leader Instructions
* Wolf Island Instructions
* Wolf Island Answer
* Paper and pens
* Large OS map
* Large street map and index
* Dry wipe pens and tissues
* List of Cubs' addresses


1. Read out the Wolf Island instructions. The Cubs need to draw what you tell them. At the end see how the maps compare to the solution.
2. When the Cubs have completed their Wolf Island maps ask them to locate the meeting place on the two large maps and mark it on.
3. Each Cub should then find his home on the street map and mark it on – use the index and grid reference to locate it if necessary.
4. Finally, each Cub should find his home on the OS map and mark it on.


  • Map Making
  • map symbols
  • ordnance survey symbols

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