Backwoods Cooking - Bananas & Chocolate

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Yummy Bananas filled with chocolate over the campfire!


Fire - Wood & Matches
Tin Foil
Chocolate Buttons or similar (see attached recipe)
Garden Gloves - if you don't want to risk a burn to your fingers
Forks - if you are feeling posh


1. Light Fire & allow to burn down to embers suitable for cooking over
2. Using a knife, cut a slit in through the skin, into the banana, down the inner of the curve. Careful not to cut through to the other side!
3. Place chocolate buttons along the slit, into the banana.
4. Wrap in foil
5. Using garden gloves, place in the fire embers. Allow to cook for approximately 10 minutes, until the chocolate has melted.
6. Open up foil and enjoy!
Tip: Put your cooked banana (opened up but still in the foil) into your hat to stop you burning your hand when eating it!


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