Ice Candles

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Scouts make interesting candles using ice to leave holes inside. A good activity base for camp or a troop meeting


Stove (Coleman)
Candle wax pellets
Old odds and ends of candles
Candle wax dye
Ice cubes


- Cut lengths of drainpipe to about 150mm long
- Stand a cheap white candle in the centre of the drainpipe section (ideally with a long wick)
- Pack the drainpipe with ice (some crushed and some cubes)
- Pour on melted wax
- Allow to set and cool
- Pour out the water
- Remove the candle from the drainpipe

You need to melt the wax in an old pan or even an old baked bean can in a pan of hot water so you will need access to a stove to keep the water hot.

You can add colour to the candle wax by using dye you can get from any craft shop or by using odds and ends of candles.

Sometimes the candles are difficult to remove from the drainpipe - either immerse them in icy water or heat up the drainpipe to soften the wax a little and the candle should slide out.

As an alternative to drainpipes, you could use a wax-covered paper milk/soup carton or a baked bean can. The carton can be ripped off after the wax has set and cooled.


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