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Game that promotes communication and listening skills


two boxes of sugar lumps one white, one brown OR Lego
mobile phone or walkie talkie


Split the group into two teams (no bigger than eight is best).
Put the teams in two separate rooms containing a table, two boxes of sugar lumps one white, one brown and a mobile phone or walkie talkie.
One team has to build a structure using all the sugar lumps and at the same time using only the mobile phone to communicate to the team in the other room how to build an exact copy.
The task ends two minutes after the first team has completed their structure.
Encourage them to make a complex structure .
This is quite a difficult task and needs 20-30 minutes.
Lego can be used instead of sugar lumps.
When the task is complete compare the two and talk about how well they explained and listened, what was hard etc.
If you don't want to use mobiles put a screen up and have them sit either side of it.


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