Membership Badge Beetle

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Game to help with understanding the membership badge


Dice per six

Badge parts - (Beavers and Young Cubs)
Purple background – a disk the size of a large round serving dish from card
Rope – a piece of long white rope which is long enough to tie a reef knot in
The plumes x2 – cut out of silver paper
Arrowhead – cut out of silver paper
Binding – cut out of silver paper
5 pointed stars x2 – cut out of purple card

(Older Cubs and Scouts)


Each young person has a go at rolling the dice, they need to get a 6 to start but can make the rest of the badge in any order.
Purple background - 6
White rope – 5
Binding – 4
Star – 3, one at a time
Plume – 2, one at a time
Arrowhead – 1

For Beavers/Young Cubs they can just assemble the badge. Older Cubs and Scouts should be able to draw the badge on a sheet of paper. The first person to complete the badge wins.

It amy be better to play in small groups eg sixes.


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