Food Group Bingo

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Bingo with foods grouped by their food group to learn examples of which foods are in which group.


Attached printouts ( contains all the other files)
Pens (To mark "Done" items, unless you have counters or wish to print the attached counters)
Bowl/Hat (for picking the items)



It's Bingo, but the items on your sheet are listed in their food groups. There are 10 cards of 5x5.

See attached "bingo-game-instructions.pdf" for detailed instructions.

You may wish to explain that "Milk" would be better labelled as "Calcium containing foods" - and depending on your group go into the details of better sources of calcium than animal milk.

For your own notes, the list of "Food Groups" is not definitive and there are several definitions. These 5 are the common ones, you don't eat all in equal amounts (i.e far more grains than fats etc. Different people have different dietary requirements (High protein is meant to help people with ADD, for example). Nutrition is a huge topic, variety is the easiest way to be healthy - eat lots of different colours of foods.


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