Letter Hunt

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Find the hidden word that has been carefully marked out using a compass and a measuring stick or ruller.




Carfully mark out words on the floor space using a set starting point before any Cubs turn up for their Pack night.
Measure & mark out each letter using either N (north) E (east) S (south) or W (west) then given a given measure depending on floor space eg: mm, meters etc.

For example:
Write down N3 (Which could mean North 3 metres) then write on the floor the chossen letter once you had travelled 3 metres north.
Then from this point go onto the next letter, then so on & so on.

Write the co-ordinates down and give this to each sixer of each six.
Using instructions given out by each Sixer to each of the Sixes in the pack, Cubs will set off from a starting point using a compass and a measuring stick and try to work out the given word that is marked out.

Challange all sixes to find all the words marked out.
Make it even more challenging by throwing in a couple of rouge letters


  • codes
  • compass work
  • sixes
  • team work

Badge Links

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