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Various Games


large rope, paper cup, etc


Human Knot
Equipment: None
Ask a group of ten or thirteen people to form a tight circle. Have each person extend both hands into the center, and grasp the hand of two different people. When this is completed, the group must then untangle the knot they have created. Physical hand-to-hand contact may not be broken to untangle the knot. Grips may change and palms may pivot on one another, but contact must be maintained. If time is running out, the problem can be simplified by breaking one grip and asking the group to form a single line instead of a circle

Blind Square
Equipment: Large rope tied in a circle
The object of this game is to have a group of at least eight players form a perfect square while blindfolded. After the players have put on blindfolds, place a rope that is tied in a circle, in each person’s hands. Players must then form the rope into the shape of a square. When they believe the square has been formed, they place the rope carefully on the ground and remove their blindfolds. All players must have at least one hand on the rope at all times

Equipment: Various Objects, Chairs, Tables etc.
The majority of the hall (except for two ends) is designated as a minefield. Anybody stepping in the minefield is blown up and must sit out the game. The players are divided into teams, and each team is given the same amount of materials (e.g. a few chairs, a table, rope, stave, some objects to transfer). The idea of the game is for the players to cooperate as a team to get their objects across to the other side of the minefield, using only what they have been given, in the shortest possible time (only the chairs and tables may touch the minefield, any other objects touching it are lost)

Steal the Gold
Equipment: Chairs, Cups
The players are divided into groups, each group has a chair and are placed around the hall. A set number of cups are placed on each chair and on one chair in the middle. The aim of the game is to get a certain number of cups on your own chair. The group goes one player at a time. Players are only allowed to carry one cup at a time, but they may get this cup from any chair. Player contact is not allowed.
Notes: A sensible number is 3 cups on each chair, and aim to get 6 cups to win (Depending on the age, and distance between chairs etc.).

Tug of War
The two teams form in single file, the leading (and tallest) Scouts of each team face to face, the others behind them according to height. Each Scout clasps his hands across the Scout ahead of him. The two leaders lock wrists. The team that pulls the other furthest in a given time wins.


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