Patrol Caterpillar

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Blind folded patrol instruction games, to teach PL's how to lead a patrol, whilst getting the patrol to listen to and follow instructions from their PL.


Obstacles for the courses. Add more if you intend to make this a progression.


1. All patrol members excluding the PL are to be blindfolded. If Possible this should be done in a different room or location to the obstacle course. If this is not possible then the course can't be laid out unstill the blind folds are secure.
2. PLs are to check that all blind folds are secure. PLs must not check their patrol, only the other patrols. This is ensuring that there are not accidental loose blind folds.
3. Once all blind folds are secure and checked, then the PL's lead their own patrol in single file (APL then down in age until the newest members are at the back) to the start point.
4. The PLs are to instruct their own Patrol around the obstacle course. Fastest overall time wins.

Only the following words to be used - Forward, Backwards, Left, Right, Slower, Faster, Stop, More & Less
5 sec penalty for every other word used
5 sec penalty for every word spoken from the caterpillar
5 sec penalty for every object touched and every scout that touches it
5 sec penalty if the caterpillar breaks and the front must stand still until the caterpillar is reconnected.


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