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Creep in the dark

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In the dark version of Grandmother's footsteps


Glow Sticks with wrist/head loop (available from Amazon etc.)


This game is a version of 'grandmother's footsteps' and is played in the dark
One beaver has a torch and stands at one end of the hall wearing a glow stick around his or her neck
Turn lights out
Beavers creep up to the torch-holder
Torch-holder catches beavers by switching on the torch - the beaver who is most caught in the spotlight has to go to the back
Round over when a beaver reaches the torch-holder without being spotted

Safety tips:
Remove any unnecessary obstructions (chairs, tables etc.) and tripping hazards
Stand a leader next to any unmoveable obstructions to prevent collisions (e.g. cupboards)
No running!
Keep a helper by the lights so that they can be switched on quickly


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