Elephant Hunt

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A running around game that can be played indoors.


A few Beanbags (at least 2). A space to run around in.


All the Beavers become Elephants, and will be running around free in the wild (your meeting hall, or maybe in an area outdoors).

Pick 2 Beavers to be the Hunters - give each a Beanbag. The Hunters have to catch the Elephants by throwing the Beanbags and hitting them on their legs.

The Elephants have to keep running around and dodging the beanbags, but can't defend themselves or pick them up.

If they are caught, the Elephant must sit down with their trunk (arm) in the air.

Pick 1 Beaver to be a Ranger. The Ranger has to run around and free the caught Elephants by touching their trunk (raised arm).

The game isn't likely to end, unless somehow all the Elephants are caught and sitting down at the same time.

Instead, keep playing for as long as you want it to continue. If you have a large Beaver Colony, try adding more Hunters and Rangers, but always have more Hunters. To give more of them a chance at different things, keep swapping who the Hunters and Rangers are.


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