Balloon Relay

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A relay race in teams using balloons.


Balloons - one per team plus spares for any that pop!


Get the Beavers into 2 (or more) teams, lined up at one end of the hall. If you have a large colony you may find 3 or 4 teams is better.

Give the first person in each team a balloon.

When you shout 'Go', they have to get the balloon to the opposite end of the hall and back but can't hold on to it. They must keep it in the air by hitting it. If it hits the ground, they can pick it up, but can't hold or carry it. They can't kick it either!

When they get back they must pass it to the next in line.

It is a race so they have to be quick, but if they are too quick or rough they may pop the balloon. If a team pops their balloon, the current runner must start from the beginning with a new balloon, not from where they got to. It may mean one person doing the whole of their run again, so they have to be careful.

The winning team is the first to have all their members hit the balloon to the opposite end and back, and all be sitting down in a straight line.


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