Bush Tucker Trials

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A night of bravery and confidence. Lots of weird and wonderful foods to be tried or R U up for the Dare?


Throughout the activity the scouts will be tasting lots of different foods.

You require:

Kitchen (or somewhere to prepare and hide foods from the scouts)
2 X tables
Paper plates/bowls
Disposable spoons/forks
Buckets; just incase
Menu selection

It is worth preparing as much as you can before the activity.
A selection of these examples is all you need.

Pretend foods:
Cow Testicles - Lychees and Black Dye
Vomit - Rice Pudding and Cottage Cheese
Poo Sticks - Twiglets and Nutella
Congealed Pig Fat - Clear Jelly (Add flavoring with no colour dye like Vanilla)
Lizard Tounges - Flat Licqourice Laces cut out in the shape of tounges
Toenail Clippings - Flaked Almonds
Frozen Wee - Sugar melted and then cooled to solidify
Blended Monkey Brains - Baby food chocolate works best
Fresh Guano - Mayo and Weetabix on a mint leaf.
Bat Blood - Peanut butter, Red dye, Corn starch and Golden syrup (Check web for instructions of fake blood)
Squirrel kidneys - Kidney beans and blue dye
Rotten Eggs - Egg injected with green dye then cooked
Fire beatles - Prunes and chilli
Worms - Cheese Strings and Marmite
Spider Legs - Licqurice, golden syrup and Rosemary
Eye balls -Peeled grapes
Viens -Toss hot spaghetti in red food dye. Cool and toss in a little oil.

Maggots, woodlice (nice fried), worms, snails, mussels, cockles, oysters

More exotic creatures purchased online, eg:
Locusts, caterpillars, ants etc

Body Parts:
Heart, liver, kidneys, brain, frog legs, oxtail, pigs ears, tripe etc

Note: a good evening can be had trying to identify the road crash victim. Use body parts + eye balls, viens + large marrow bone joint to flex and extend from butcher and don't forget maggots from the decomposed body!


Keep all prepared food items hidden away.

Split into 2 teams and seat in front of 2 tables.

Chose your first victim and stand them in front of their table.

Get them to choose an item on the menu; they must both agree.

Place the chosen item on the table. Keep other scouts at bay at this point.

Give them one minute to devour food.

Points given for trying, completing, completing first, not whining etc.

Repeat until everyone has had a go.

The team with the most points at the end wins.



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