Hello! Hello! Hello!

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Each child to say hello in a foreign language and
to form groups as directed.


Write the word hello in different languages on small pieces of paper. or see sheet below.


Ask the Beavers how many languages they think there are in the world - 2796
Ask how many people in the world - 6 billion
1. Choose 2 to 6 different hello's (see the list provided), depending on the number of children. The total number of pieces of paper should be equal to the number of players.
2. Give each child 1 piece of paper.
3. Ask the children to walk around the play area, holding their piece of paper without showing it to others. At your signal, they can start greeting one another, saying hello as it is written on their paper. They must find others who are saying hello in the same language as they are and form a group.


  • Foreign language
  • Global greeting
  • hello

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