The Dalek who wanted to join cubs

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Learning / testing understanding about Cubs


Run in the same meeting that you talk about the world membership badge, promise and pack traditions. A running about game to reinforce learning.


Choose a Cub to be a Dalek. They have to move and speak like a Dalek throughout
the game.
Explain to the Cubs that the Dalek has invaded Earth and wants to find out about Cub
Scouting before they join!
The Pack run's round the meeting place or play area and when the Dalek points their
ray gun at a Cub the whole Pack has to freeze and the Cub selected has to answer
the Dalek's question on Scouting.
If they get it right they live to run again. If they get it wrong - they are EXTERMINATED
- and have to sit out!
The last remaining Cub becomes the next Dalek - This could last hours or until you
run out of questions!
I tried this game out and it was an instant success! Remember to get the Dalek to say
Halt, then ask the Cub's name, then what six they are in, and then a scouting question
eg. What is the first line of the Cub Scout Promise.
Remember if the Cub even gets their name wrong or forgets their six colour -
EXTERMINATE! It's suprising how fast Cubs learn their promise after this game!


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