Balloon Jet Cars

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A Science themed activity, focusing on Force & Motion


Per Group/Patrol:
2 Drinking Straws
1 Large Index card
1 balloon
4 plastic juice bottle caps with small hole drilled in centre of each
1 plastic 'pick up stick' or wooden skewer


1. Instruct each group to use the materials to construct a self-propelled vehicle. They can have as much tape as they need, and can cut/alter all of the materials.

The vehicle can be constructed as follows:
a. Cut up and tape the wooden skewers to the index card to form axles for the wheels
b. Put the wheel onto the wooden skewers, and use tape on the end of the skewer to stop the wheel falling off.
c. Cut up the straws into small-ish lengths, and tape together.
d. Insert into the balloon, and tape to one end of the index card, with the straws facing towards the back (ie. to power the vehicle.)

You can race them against other patrols/groups.


  • creative
  • model making
  • science

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