Feast or Famine Banquet

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Show Cubs the reality of the world’s inequalities in this challenge which highlights the issues faced by people on a low income.


• Cooking equipment
• Various ingredients depending on the meals you choose


1. As Cubs enter the meeting place, split them into three groups: high, middle or low income.
2. The low-income group are given rice that they have to cook. They have no cutlery to eat with and have to sit on the floor.
3. The middle-income group have to cook their own rice and beans, which they can eat with a fork, sitting at a table.
4. The high-income group have meat, potatoes to make mash (which you may need to pre-cook a little beforehand), butter, and some vegetables. This group should also be given some form of dessert. They can sit at a table with a tablecloth and have a full set of cutlery each.
5. At the end of the feast, discuss how it felt to see what the others were eating, and what they think can/should be done to overcome the inequalities.


  • cooking
  • Our Sporting Adventure

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