Shipwreck Survival

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Sinking ship - grab what you can!


General Scouting equipment found around the hut.
Some crates.


Put the Scouts into their patrols and explain to them that they are all aboard a ship.
Disaster strikes and the ship hits some rocks near a deserted island.
The Scouts only have 10/15 minutes before the ship sinks and they are stranded on the island.
They must grab whatever they can from the ship's (Scout hut's) stores before the sink ships.
Items should help them survive on their new home until they are rescued.
All items should fit inside one or two crates so that they can be carried to shore easily. (This stops them from completely destroying the stores)

Once the time is up get all the Scouts to sit around each pile and then get the patrol to explain why they chose each item.
Leaders can lead the discussion with the whole troop as to why each item might be a good/bad idea.
Points could be awarded (or taken away!) for each item to introduce some kind of competition.

You can get the Scouts to discuss what differences they would make if they would do the exercise again, or if the island was off of Scotland compared to a tropical island.


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