Energy Hunt

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A scavenger hunt to search for energy saving measures, seek out where energy is being used and track down where it is being wasted!


pen and paper, checklist & factsheets


This activity can be separated into 2 parts. The second part may be more appropriate for the older sections

- For part 1 of this activity you will need to provide each young person with a copy of the energy hunt checklist
- The checklist shows pictures of easily recognisable energy saving measures. The aim is to see how many of these measures they can identify during the week

The second part of the activity looks at energy use at your meeting place and conducting some simple checks in order to track down bad energy habits!

- Separate the Pack into 3 groups representing ‘Lighting’. ‘Heating’ and ‘Appliances’
- Instruct each group to list all the places where energy is being used and identify where and how energy is being wasted (i.e. spotting any bad energy habits!).

As an extension to this activity the young people could be asked to come up with some simple tips which will reduce the energy wasted and improve energy efficiency at the meeting


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