Backwoods Egg Cooking

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101 ways to cook an egg (well, not quite 101!)


Eggs and more


1. Prick a hole in the top of it, place on embers for 10 minutes.
2. Prick a hole at either side, skewer with a stick and hold over flames. The egg should seal itself.
3. Heat up a flat stone and use as a frying pan.
4. Make a tin-foil frying pan.
5. Get a wire coathanger, turn it into a square with a handle at either side, then put paper (ideally brown-paper or greaseproof paper) in the square, using paperclips etc to fasten it. Add a bit of oil, then the egg, and hold the right height above a flame.
6. Hollow out a potato, optionally wrap in tin-foil, and put the egg in. Chuck on the fire.
7. Hollow out an orange, put the egg in, place on the fire. (Tastes disgusting!)
8. Onion eggs - Cut the onion in half after removing the outer skin. Remove internal contents except for the remaining three outer layers. Break egg into shell and place on embers. When cooked eat the onion container as well as its contents after removing the outer scorched layer.
9. Ensure that food is fit for human consumption.


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