Aircraft Top Trumps

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A simplified, shortened version of top trumps, in teams, using aircraft, towards the Air Activities badge


Pre-prepared top trump cards


Cards need to be prepared in advance with pictures of aircraft on. For each aircraft, it should show a relative speed and a relative cost (or any other catagories you would like). For a group of 24 beavers i would recommend about 16-20 cards. When the game is played, the Beavers are split into four teams. The cards are shuffled and 4-5 cards given to each team. Each team takes it in turn to select either speed or cost. Each team's top card is then compared - the team with the highest score for that catagory wins and collects the other teams' top cards. The next team then takes a turn and so on, for as long as you want. If a team runs out of cards they are out of the game. When you stop the game, the team with the most cards wins.


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