Airline Tails Game

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Game for cubs to identify Airline Tails


6 pages containing Airline Tails/Names which can be printed from attachment (note they are not meant to match).
Tail Key (attached)
Pencil and Paper for each player/group.


Print off the attached sheets of paper with Tailfins / names (note they do not match!).
Pin the up around the room (with the exception of the answers and Tail Key).
Depending on experience you can either pin up a number of the Key around the room or not have one available to use at all.

Give a Airline name from the list to the player to start on a sheet of paper (e.g. Aeroflot)
They first find that Tailfin from the papers dotted around the room.
Next to that Tailfin is the name of the airline of the next tailfin (e.g. next to the tailfin for “British Airways” is the name “Aeroflot”).
They then find the next Tailfin and write the name next to that one
The game continues until they get back to the one they started with (e.g. United).
The first one to complete all 30 Airlines wins


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