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The 5 senses experience




You will need blindfolds for each individual (Cut out of cloth?)
1)Smell: Get 5 small jars and put some smells in them like vinegar, stinky cheese, coffee, pepper etc. Scouts sit round in a circle with blindfolds on. A leader takes each jar and places it under the scouts nose. After the last scout has had a smell , ask them what it was.
2)Taste: Each scout is handed a t spoon and then put their blindfolds on. A leader then gives each scout a drop of something on the spoon for them to taste i.e. Lemon juice, marmite, strawberry etc. Same rules as smell, after last scout they all guess.
3)Touch: Blindfold a scout , turn them around a bit and place them in front of a tree (Small trees work best). They have a minute to touch the tree. Then they are led somewhere else, turned round a couple of times and then asked to find the tree with the blindfold off.
3a) Touch: Put half a dozen stones in a tin or something. Blindfold a scout and hand them a stone from the tin. They have 30 seconds to feel it , after which the leader puts it back in the tin and they have to find it.
4)Sight: Put all sorts of everyday objects in the woods, some hanging from trees , some partially hidden behind trees. Draw a line on the ground where all scouts stand behind. They have 5 minutes to write down as many as they can see . Long distance is also fun but you will need binoculars. An alternative version of this is to put the objects dotted along a path close to and far away from it. The scouts have to walk the path looking near and far to see what is out of place.
5)Sound: Go into the woods. Have one scout wear a blindfold holding a water pistol. A set of keys is placed in a tin by his feet. The remaining scouts have to disperse. When the whistle goes the scouts have to try and creep up as quiet as can be without the blindfolded scout hearing them . The object is to grab the keys from the tin.


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