Global Health Issues - Explore

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International, environmental and values list - Area 3: Values
"Choose a current issue to research, such as health or crime, and then present your findings to your Unit/Network"

This activity is intended to be a short yet punchy approach to this topic, the Explorers will split into teams and will spend just 45 minutes researching one of the most critical health issues facing humanity, they will then present their findings to the Unit as a 5 minute news item, whilst a realtime counter tracks the death toll.

This is a serious topic and is intended to be fairly hard-hitting, it is crucial it ends with some positive outcomes for the Explorers to focus on, it is geared towards the Platinum Award, with the intention that something in more depth would be required for the Diamond Award.


Health Issues Powerpoint (can be projected or displayed on laptop screen)
Access to IT for research tools
Presentation materials (flipchart/pens etc)
Access to printing for pictures/diagrams etc (optional)
Video Camera to record the presentations (optional)


The Explorers split into teams and they spend 45 minutes researching one of the health issues, four options available on the Powerpoint at present are ; Malaria, Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Measles.

The Explorers should be briefed that they will present a 5 minute news item to the Unit on their subject, at least two members of the Unit should 'present', during the presentation the death toll clock will be running in the background, a simple sound effect is included on each slide transition (bell tolling).

The activity should be introduced carefully, with a pre-warning it could be an emotional experience, but one shared by the whole unit together, and there should be a careful debrief at the end, which concludes with some positive outcomes.

Outcomes could include a charity collection at the end, so that everyone contributes to helping solve the issues (pre-warn Explorers to bring some cash).

The final slide on the powerpoint includes some suggestions for charities that could be supported, the unit may choose to do some further fundraising.

**note - the timings on the powerpoint are based on what appear to be accepted values, but some organisations differ slightly in their estimates.**


  • child diseases
  • Global health
  • malaria
  • Measles
  • Pneumonia
  • tuberculosis

Badge Links

  • Platinum - Activity 1