World tour

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Take a world tour to find out about different countries and learn their greeting some of their customs and maybe try some foods


Pieces of card about A6 size, one per beaver
Items of food, pictures and details of the coutries visited
A stamp and some ink to stamp the passports at customs


1st make passports, each beaver can provide a small picture or can draw a picture of them selves on the passport
then put chairs out in rows of 2 or 4 up half of the hall to simulate those on an aircraft.
After choosing a pilot and co-pilot the beavers 'get onto the aeroplane' and fly to the country chosen.

After landing they file off the plane and go through customs to get their passport stamped and then onto the acticity for that country (game or talk or food tasting)

Then back on the 'plane to fly to the next destination.

We carry this over 2 meetings and visit a total of 5 countries.


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  • international awareness
  • international Food

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