Astronomers Week 2

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Learning to identify some constellations such as Plough, etc and also find Pole Star.


Constellation identification sheets, constellation (blank) sheets for drawing constellation patterns, compass (to prove the Pole Star really is North!)


1. Discuss some constellations (some good mythology stories too to go with these). Perhaps try some star names too, like Polaris, Betelgeuse, etc?
2. Discuss the shapes, characters and how to identify them from the sheets.
3. Try to draw some of the constellations on blank (star) sheets to show you know the shapes.
4. Outside - look for constellations. Look for the Plough and Pole Star (and check its really North with a compass!)
5. Give homework of researching some 'space' facts about stars, planets or solar system.
6. Astronomy wordsearch if need to fill time.


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