Toothpaste Apprentice

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Patrols have to create a new brand of toothpaste/soap.

They need to create a brand name, design packaging, come up with a slogan, produce a TV advert and a poster for their new product.

Leaders will then judge the best.


White card
Coloring pencils
Glue sticks
Camera to film the TV advert with
Prize for the winning team


Split the unit in to groups (ideally 6-8 in each group).

Get them to select a Project Manager who you will then brief.

Project Manager is then to select team name and hand out the task to their team to create a slogan, TV advert, design the packaging (templates attached) and create a poster.

At the end of the night they pitch their product and a winner is chosen.


  • Apprentice
  • creative
  • creative badge

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