Fitness Challenge Introduction

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Fitness Challenge introduction, track fitness and diet
discuss what an healthy diet is?


Fitness Tracker sheet (see uploaded), details on the harmful effects of drugs, smoking, not enough sleep and poor diet.


1. Explain what the fitness challenge is to the scouts and how it links in with other badges such as the Athletics Activity Badge.
2. Ask them all to think about a challenge they can set them selves for the 6 weeks training component part which they can work on at home.

3. Get them all to warm up and explain why this is important.
4. Get them to do the first measurements for the activities on the fitness tracker sheet (approx 40 minutes in pairs).
5. Get them all sat down after a drink of water/juice

7. Ask them to track their performance at home for the challenge they set themselves in step 2.

8. Ask them to look at the athletics badge and come back next week with what they think they need to do to get this.


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Badge Links

  • Athletics Plus - Warm-up
  • Scientist - Pulse
  • Skills - Diet and Sleep
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