Writing A Story

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Imaginative writing game to support Book Reader and Creative Challenge


Blank paper and pens


Split up into sixes at four corners of the room. The leader sets up a theme, ours was a plane crash on a dessert island. Each Six has a part to write ideas on, ours was
Red Six . The start of the journey
Blue Six . The flight and the crash.
Green Six How to survive on the Island
Yellow Six . How they were rescued and what happened when they got home.
We put an assistant leader with each group to prompt and write down the cubs ideas.
Then we put all the cubs together and the leaders read back to them the story they had written.

Great fun and the cubs then used the story as the theme for a sleepover .
With some imagination lots of different badge work elements can be threaded in to the story spread over several meetings.


  • creative challenge
  • 1st Aid
  • acting an accident
  • action story
  • Book Reader Badge
  • scouting skills
  • survival skills

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