Healthy Lunch Box

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Lunch Box Relay Race


lunchboxes or picture of lunches ( 1 per team)
food or pictures of healthy and unhealthy food (a set per team )


Beavers are split into teams and each team has a lunchbox (or picture of lunchbox). At the other end of the room is a selection of foods (or pictures of foods) they beavers take it in turns to run to the other end of the room and select 1 piece of food that will help make a healthy balanced lunchbox. They should be putting 5 or 6 things in their lunchbox.

Once they have completed their lunchbox you can have a chat about what they have put into it and why. and why the food items left are unhealthy.


  • Healthy Eating
  • Healthy foods
  • relay game

Badge Links

  • Skills - Good & Bad Food
  • Teamwork - Team game